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Whether it's special moments and family time…

Or important projects and communications for work, you can count on broadband services to keep things running smooth. The fiber optic network built by Jackson Energy Authority delivers reliable cable TV, Internet and telephone services you need to stay in touch.

From the megawatts that power industry…

To the kilowatts that keep the lights on, Jackson Energy Authority is illuminating the future of our community. We are one of 2,000+ of the nation’s public power utilities delivering safe, reliable electric services – powering life and energizing growth.

Efficiency and reliability when you need it…

To enjoy the conveniences of everyday life. As one of the nation’s 1,000+ public natural gas utilities, Jackson Energy Authority safely delivers natural gas and propane to homes, businesses and industries – fueling the future of our community.

There’s confidence in knowing that your water is safe…

For drinking right from the faucet. Jackson Energy Authority not only delivers award-winning, high-quality water from a supply that is clean, protected and plentiful, but also maintains pressures and volumes necessary for fire protection.

Assurance that we’re doing our part…

As good environmental stewards. Jackson Energy Authority treats millions of gallons of wastewater a day to ensure cleanliness before it’s returned back to the environment - protecting our natural resources and public health.

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60 Year Anniversary

This year, we proudly celebrate 60 years of service to our customers and ourcommunity.

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Get a Fast Pass to Pay!

Paying your bill at the Customer Center Kiosk just got more convenient with the help of Fast Pass. Check it out!

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Can’t Flush That!

Grease, oils, fats, your deceased pet fish and those “flushable” wipes can wreak havoc on wastewater pipes.

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From billing inquiries to electric outages to payments, stay informed with the JEA mobile phone app currently available for iPhone and Android phones.

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Watch on Your Mobile Device

Download the VU-IT! app to stream, transfer shows, schedule recordings, control live TV and search for shows and more–powered by TiVo®.

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Grilling with Gas

There’s nothing like the convenience and ease of grilling with gas.

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Packages & Pricing

View EPlus Broadband packages and pricing. Save when you bundle award-winning Cable TV, Internet and Telephone services for your home.

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Call Before You Dig

Underground utility and telecommunications service lines are buried underground throughout our community. Always call 811 before you dig to prevent unnecessary, damaging dig-ins.

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Gig Speed

Our fastest speed - The Gig includes downstream and upstream speeds up to 1000 Mbps.