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Welcome to the Jackson Energy Authority Learning Center! Search or browse topics to learn more about our electric, gas, propane, water, wastewater, cable tv, internet and telephone services. Search results include a customer category and service icon(s) in a color-coded bar to help indicate the section where the topic can be found within the website. Explore these sections of our website for even more helpful information.

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Self-Generated Solar Energy

Thinking about self-generating power by using solar panels? It’s important to discuss your potential project with JEA before beginning.

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Green Connect

Make sure your solar system is installed to Jackson Energy Authority and Tennessee Valley Authority program standards.

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Green Flex

Your business can easily and affordably meet carbon reduction goals and make a big impact by supporting large-scale wind generation.

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Services Available by Area

Want to know what utility services are available in Jackson and Madison County but don’t have an address? Check out the Services Available by Area Maps.

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Utility Bill Questions

Find out what makes your monthly utility bill fluctuate and tips on how to manage the fluctuations.

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Business Electric Meters

Get a better grasp on how the business electric meter works and how your business’s energy consumption is billed.

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Electric System Operations and Maintenance

Utility poles, electric wires, transformers, and other electric equipment must constantly be maintained as all play a crucial role in delivering electricity to the meter.

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Reading Your Business Natural Gas Meter

Knowing how to read the natural gas meter at your business can help you keep a close eye on your natural gas usage.

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Understanding Your Business Natural Gas Meter

Knowing the basics of the gas meter and the piping around it at your business can help you monitor your usage and be prepared in the event of an emergency.

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