We flip a switch and a light comes on. Electricity has become and will continue to be a necessary part of our everyday lives. Understanding the basic safety principles and observing safe practices of using electricity inside can help protect our customers and our community.

Electric Appliance Safety Electric Appliance Safety

Electric appliances can be found in aspects of our everyday lives. If used properly, they can make life much easier. Get tips on how to safely use electric appliances.

Extension Cords Extension Cords

When used improperly, extension cords can overheat and cause fires. Always use extension cords as directed and remember the guidelines to help you stay safe.

Surge Protection Surge Protection

Voltage spikes are a rare occurrence and can cause damage to electronics, appliances or equipment unless protected by a surge protection device.

Downed Lines Downed Lines

Downed power lines and equipment pose a significant danger to restoration efforts as well as the public. Be aware of the hazards to stay safe.

Vehicle Accidents Vehicle Accidents

Quite often, vehicle accidents occur that involve utility poles and electric lines. Always remember to take caution and heed the safety rules.

Overhead Powerlines Overhead Powerlines

Overhead power lines can be seen all throughout our community as they are a vital part of our electric transmission and distribution system. Always be aware of what’s overhead.

Portable Generators Portable Generators

During emergencies or natural disasters, safety for crews and customers is our highest concern. Portable generators, if used improperly, can cause hazardous conditions.