Outdoor Lighting Options

Jackson Energy Authority offers many LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting options to fit your specific building or development project needs. These LED lights are extremely energy-efficient, using up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, require no warm-up period, made of a solid, rugged material, contain no hazardous substances such as mercury and have a longer lifetime.

Decorative Lights

Increase the curb appeal of your development with the help of decorative lighting. Options offer 2 colors: black or green and 2 styles: post top or teardrop.

Security Lights

Found mostly in residential developments, security lighting can provide a level of safety and comfort for residents as well as neighborhoods. Options include 100w equivalent and 250w equivalent.


Most floodlights can be found in commercial developments such as churches, schools, retail parking lots, etc. While customer lights are maintained by the business, floodlights are managed and maintained by Jackson Energy Authority. Options include 320w equivalent and 1000w equivalent.

If you would like to have lighting installed on your build site, please contact your Jackson Energy Authority New Accounts Coordinator to fill out a lighting agreement.


Flood Lights Special Outdoor Lighting Contract

Necessary paperwork required for lease of Jackson Energy Authority outdoor flood lighting.

Security Lights Outdoor Lighting Agreement (Non-Metered)

Necessary paperwork required for lease of Jackson Energy Authority non-metered security lighting.