Understanding Your Electric Meter

The majority of electric meters on the Jackson Energy Authority system are digital meters that have a digital display reading window with segmented numbers. To read your meter, locate the digital display reading window on the face of the meter. From left to right, read the segmented numbers to determine your reading.

Monitoring how much energy your family and home uses as a whole is as simple as keeping track of your monthly meter readings. However, knowing how to reduce your energy use requires a little more effort. By determining your energy habits and recognizing the individual energy use of each appliance and device, you can get a more in-depth look at how you consume energy. This information can provide insight to changes in habits and usage necessary for better energy efficiency. Try these energy-saving tips.

Meter Responsibility

Not everything at the electric meter is the responsibility of Jackson Energy Authority. As seen below, electric meters have many parts depending on the type of service you have:


In the event of an emergency, it’s important to know how to shut off your electric service to your home.