Understanding Your Business’s Natural Gas Meter

The gas meter outside your business measures the amount of natural gas your business consumes. It’s important to know a few things about your gas meter when monitoring your usage or in the event of an emergency. Most gas meters on the Jackson Energy Authority system are dial meters that have a reading window with 2 small dials and 4 larger dials. Each of the dials should have numbers from 0-9 with a black sweep hand that rotates according to the directional arrow above the dial. Your gas consumption is measured by the four larger dials.

Meter Responsibility

Although the functionality of business natural gas meters is the same as residential natural gas meters, the equipment and piping is a little different. And not everything at the natural gas meter is the responsibility of Jackson Energy Authority. As indicated in the picture below, there are responsibilities for both Jackson Energy Authority and the business owner/customer:

A. JEA Service Line
B. Locknut Shutoff Valve
C. Regulator
D. Meter
E. Reading Window
F. Customer Fuel Line
G. Bypass (Used when changing out meters or in an emergency)
H. Overpressure Relief Valve (Used to protect the customer fuel line from overpressurizing)

Everything upstream of the meter, indicated by the blue line, is the responsibility of JEA. Everything downstream of the meter, indicated by the yellow line, is the responsibility of the business owner/customer.