Community Solar Farm

Now, more than ever, climate change and other environmental issues have created the need for a shift in company culture. Environmentally-conscious companies are taking the initiative to invest in a cleaner, greener future by ensuring that sustainability becomes an important aspect of their culture.

To support the efforts of our industrial community’s sustainability goals, in partnership with Silicon Ranch Corporation and Tennessee Valley Authority, Jackson Energy Authority operates a 2MW Community Solar Farm that produces Renewable Energy Credits (REC) which can be marketed to local industries to purchase. Located in West Madison County on Technology Center Drive, the Community Solar Farm is the first project if its kind for Jackson Energy Authority. The single-axis tracking system occupies more than 20 acres and contains over 5,500 solar panels. It’s designed to generate more than 3,500 MWh of electricity annually, with zero carbon emissions and zero water consumption for participating Jackson Energy Authority industrial customers.

Current Community Solar Farm Industry Partners


If you are interested in becoming an industry partner of the Community Solar Farm, contact:

John Nanney