Smart Technology for Your Home

Smart technology for the home uses devices that connect to your home network via WiFi or Bluetooth and provides benefits not only around comfort and convenience, but also energy efficiency.

Energy Management

When it comes to creating a more energy-efficient home, smart home devices can play a major role. Devices such as smart thermostats, window blinds that close at a set time to control light influx, water heaters that automatically adjust to your patterns, and lighting control sensors that allow you to conserve energy when no one is in the room are a few options on the market.

App Connectivity

With smartphone and app technology, you have the ability to adjust your thermostat, control your garage door, lock your doors, control your security system, interact with your appliances, turn on outside lights before you arrive home, check to see who rang the doorbell, and so much more on the go with a tap of your finger.

Safety and Security

Create safe environments around your home by integrating smart security lights and outdoor lights. Many smart motion-activated light options are available that require a Wi-Fi or wired Internet connection.

Take advantage of everything smart technology has to offer by connecting with Jackson Energy Authority’s EPlus Broadband fiber optic network. With the fastest internet speeds in Jackson, it’s perfect for those smart technologies that require high speed connectivity.


Inside the Smart Home

From just a few connected devices or whole-home automation, explore smart home technology and the many devices available.

Smart Home Facts

Inside the Smart Home: Get your top questions answered about smart home technology and how it impacts your home’s energy use.