Smart Technology

Whether you are building new or breathing life into a 75-year-old building, we can give you the connectivity to make any structure a “smart space.”

Energy Management

Today’s clientele is searching for the latest and greatest when it comes to integrated technology in their homes and businesses. The options of smart thermostats, window blinds that close at a set time to control light influx, and lighting control sensors that allow you to conserve energy when no one is in the room are all options on the market. Our fiber optic network offers Internet speeds to support these technologies in your construction project. EPlus Broadband offers the fastest Internet speeds in Jackson, perfect for those energy saving technologies that require high speed connections.

App Connectivity

With smartphone and app technology, your clients have the ability to control their garage door, lock their doors, control their security system, interact with their appliances, turn on outside lights before they arrive, check to see who rang the doorbell, and so much more with one tap of their finger. With the fast Internet speeds available with EPlus Broadband, homes and businesses can take advantage of everything smart technology has to offer.

Safety and Security

Create safe environments for businesses and homeowners to enjoy by integrating smart security lights and outdoor lights. May smart motion activated lighting options are available to consumers that require a Wi-Fi or wired Internet connection. Jackson Energy Authority provides the EPlus Broadband connection to keep everything running smooth.