Small and Minority-Owned Business Participation Program

It is the intent of Jackson Energy Authority to encourage the growth of local small and minority-owned businesses, including telecommunications businesses, by providing equitable opportunities to compete in contracts for goods and services, in a contractor or subcontractor arrangement with Jackson Energy Authority. This will ensure that a representative proportion of the goods, services and construction projects purchased and contracted by JEA are supplied by local small and minority-owned businesses. In this regard, prime contractors will be encouraged to seek out and utilize subcontractors who are certified and a part of the State of Tennessee Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise (GoDBE.)

The GoDBE is an outreach effort that solicits and assists these types of businesses in providing goods and services to JEA. Jackson Energy Authority is proud to participate in this outreach effort understanding that a diverse supplier base increases competition, facilitates the introduction of new ideas and concepts, and contributes to the objective of obtaining the “best” total evaluated cost.

How the Small and Minority-Owned Business Participation Program Works

To participate in Jackson Energy Authority’s small and minority-owned business participation program, local small and minority-owned businesses must qualify as a diverse business enterprise and maintain an annual certification of their classification. Qualifications, certifications, participating entities and more can be found on the Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise (G0DBE) website.


TN Governor's Office of Diversity Business Enterprise (GoDBE)