Services Available by Area

Jackson Energy Authority electric, gas, propane, water, wastewater and broadband service territories cover areas in Madison County as well as city limits of Three Way, Pinson, Medon, and Medina in Gibson County. To find service areas in the county outside of Jackson city limits, click on the corresponding utility map resources below. Utilities are indicated by the following color coding:

If you are searching for services at a property within Jackson city limits or have an address of a property, use the Services Available by Address page.


West Madison County Growth Map

View JEA's potential service area growth indicated by grey on the map.

Electric Service Territory

View JEA's Electric service area indicated by red on the map.

Natural Gas Service Territory

View JEA's Natural Gas service area indicated by yellow on the map.

Propane Service Territory

View JEA's Propane service area indicated by light green on the map.

Water Service Territory

View JEA's Water service area indicated by blue on the map.

Wastewater Service Territory

View JEA's Wastewater service area indicated by dark green on the map.

Broadband Service Territory

View JEA's Broadband service area indicated by brown on the map.