Outdoor Lighting

Traffic Lights

The overall responsibility for the design, placement, operation and maintenance of traffic control devices within the city rests with the City of Jackson. Any traffic signal outage should be reported to the City of Jackson Engineering Department by calling 731-425-8220.


Streetlights are controlled by photocells, either on individual lights or on control banks, that automatically activate lights to cycle on or off. Throughout the city, existing streetlights are slowly being replaced with LED lighting and newly installed lights are LED for greater energy efficiency and longer lasting light. Style of light, size and install location is governed by the City of Jackson. To report any streetlight outage, contact Jackson Energy Authority at 731-422-7500. To request a light on city streets, contact the City of Jackson Engineering Department by calling 731.425.8220.

Residential Security Lights

Jackson Energy Authority provides both residential and commercial security lighting, offering multiple LED lighting options. As in streetlights, LED lights are used to save money, save energy, provide a higher-quality, longer-lasting light and help benefit the environment. Lights can be installed on an existing pole, or a pole and light together. Jackson Energy Authority installs, owns and maintains these lights. Installation fees apply based on the type of installation and a monthly lease charge is billed per light. Contact a Jackson Energy Authority Customer Service Representative at 731-422-7500 for questions or to request a light.


City of Jackson Engineering Department