No-Cost & Low-Cost Tips

Better energy management can yield long-term benefits. By making simple energy choices – many without even spending a thing - you can help keep your utility bills down and your home energy efficient. Typically, around half of your energy bill comes from heating and cooling your home. Water heating comes next followed by major appliances, lighting, electronics and smaller appliances. Start saving today with these helpful tips and check out our Hot & Cold Weather tips for additional savings.

No-Cost Tips

Heating & Cooling – The biggest energy user in your home

Water Heating – The second biggest energy user in your home

Large Appliances – The third biggest energy user in your home

Lighting, Electronics, Small Appliances – The remaining energy users in your home

Low-Cost Tips

Heating & Cooling

Water Heating

Large Appliances

Lighting, Electronics, Small Appliances

Insulation and Sealing


Smart Choices for Saving Energy

Help keep your utility bills in check and your home energy efficient with this energy saving guidebook full of helpful tips and information.
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