Meter Reading

Jackson Energy Authority employs well-trained, highly skilled meter readers who work specific routes reading customer meters. Utility meters are typically read around the same time each month, with the date read reflected on your most current bill statement. Usage is determined by subtracting the previous month’s meter read from the current month’s meter read. Billing cycles can range anywhere from 28-32 days depending on holidays and weekends and are indicated on your monthly bill.

To properly maintain services and ensure accurate readings, Jackson Energy Authority servicemen must have access to the meters on customers’ property. It is the responsibility of the utility customer to keep unsafe animals, vegetation, debris, and landscaping maintained at all times so as not to create an unsafe situation or impede the clear visibility of utility meters.

Remember that Jackson Energy Authority employees, as well as Authorized Contractors, carry identification badges with them at all times. If you see someone around your home or meters and are unsure about their purpose, always ask to see proper identification. If you are still unsure of the authenticity of the employee, the badge or their purpose, contact Jackson Energy Authority at 731-422-7500.