Inflow & Infiltration

Storm sewers are designed for groundwater while sanitary sewers are designed for wastewater. Many investments are made into planning and maintenance to protect the sanitary system from runoff overload, instances occur where groundwater and stormwater runoff enter the system.

Inflow and Infiltration Explanation

Inflow is groundwater that enters the system through improper connections such as roof drains, storm drains, yard drains, etc. Infiltration is groundwater that enters the sewer system through cracks or breaks in the pipes. This water is referred to as “clear water” to differentiate from wastewater and can cause increased treatment costs, backups or overflows.

Inflow and Infiltration Prevention

To identify cracks, breaks or leaks in the wastewater system, Jackson Energy Authority has a program in place to inspect sewer mains on a phase-based approach. This program provides opportunities for a pre-qualified and approved contractor to investigate all sewer mains and line segments via closed-circuit television, provide flow monitoring and manhole inspections. Data collected from these efforts is gathered into organized reports in order to plan rehabilitation efforts as efficiently and monetarily responsible as possible. The improvements work to reduce costs of sewer backups cause from damaged sewer lines and enhance the health of our natural resources.