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How to Read Your Bill

This sample bill is for descriptive purposes only. Dates, values, packages and rates may not be representative of those currently in effect.

  1. Customer Information:
    • Service address – location where services are used
    • Account number – 12-digit reference number unique to every Jackson Energy Authority customer
    • Customer classification – indicates whether you are residential, commercial or industrial
  2. Billing Dates:
    • From/To – the period of days from the previous month’s reading to the present
    • Your Meter Was Read On – the date the meters were read
  3. Utility Service information:
    • The itemized list of utility services as well as garbage collection fees, security light fees, gas grill payments and applicable taxes
    • The number of days in your billing period (ranges from 28-32 days)
    • The present meter reading and the meter reading from the previous month
    • The amount of energy used (subtract the previous reading from the present reading to get the amount used)
    • The costs of the amount of services used
    • The costs of the additional items, taxes and services
  4. EPlus Broadband Service information:
    • The summarized list for EPlus Broadband services and applicable taxes/fees. Itemized listing and descriptions of EPlus Broadband services are on separate pages. Visit to view the sample pages for EPlus Broadband services.
  5. Payment Activity:
    • The amount of your previous month’s bill
    • Any activity since the last bill such as payments made, late charges incurred or adjustments made
    • The current charges for the amount of services used
    • The current balance (will reflect balance due along with late charges or adjustments)
    • Total amount due for the current bill
  6. Total Due:
    • Total amount due for the current bill
  7. Usage Comparison:
    • When comparing energy usage, many factors determine the amount used therefore your utility bill cannot be compared equally on a month-to-month basis. Factors such as weather, temperature swings, amount of individuals in the household, amount of days in the billing period, etc. can all affect your energy usage.
    • Period and days - The timeframe and amount of days in that particular timeframe
    • Monthly usage – The amount of energy used monthly in that particular period
  8. Important Messages:
    • This area highlights any messages regarding your service, notifications, special offers, etc.
  9. Bill Overview:
    • Area on the payment stub that indicates the date due, account number, amount due and late payment amount if paid after the date due
  10. Snap’n Enroll QR Code:
    • Easy access from a mobile device to enroll in an online profile for convenient account management
  11. Marketing Messages:
    • Brief messages relating to new applications, services, notifications, etc.
  12. Snap’n Pay QR Code:
    • Easy access from a mobile device to make a one-time payment to your account online
  13. Payment Stub:
    • Overview portion of the bill that detatches for cash payments, mail payments or account reference
  14. Account Number Bar Code:
    • Bar code generated from the unique account number used for processing payments and for scanning at self-pay kiosks for payment.
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