Benefits of Natural Gas

With many options available for fuel sources, understanding the benefits is key to making smart energy choices to fit your lifestyle.

Natural Gas Is…

Better for the Environment

In it’s natural state, natural gas is colorless and odorless, making it the Earth’s cleanest burning fossil fuel. Burning natural gas for energy produces fewer emissions of air pollutants and carbon dioxide than burning coal or oil to produce an equal amount of energy.

Safe and Reliable

Underground pipelines safely transport natural gas to our homes, businesses, industries and communities, providing dependable fuel delivery despite the weather. Utilizing natural gas as a fuel source provides confidence to know that during extreme weather conditions or emergencies, your energy source is safe.

Versatile and Adds Value

From heating to water heating, cooking to clothes drying, grilling to outdoor lighting, natural gas can be used in many ways and in many sectors. In consumer preference studies, homebuyers are looking for homes with natural gas appliances to take advantage of the savings, conveniences and benefits. The market has shown natural gas homes sell for slightly more on average than electric.

Comfortable and Adds Ambiance

Heat delivered from forced-air natural gas heating systems is at temperatures ranging from 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit compared to 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit delivered from an electric heat pump – cooler than average skin temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, appliances such as gas logs, space heaters, outdoor fire pits not only provide radiant heat but also an ambient, warm glow for a welcoming appeal.

Preferred for Cooking

Regardless of the cooking skill level, a vast majority of people prefer to cook with gas appliances in all sectors. On gas cooktops, ranges and ovens, natural gas provides instant heat and a finer degree of temperature control.

An Abundant, Domestic Fuel

Over 97% of the natural gas we use in the United States is produced right here in North America. It’s a catalyst for a growing economy and provides energy security for our nation as it helps decrease our dependence on foreign oil supplies.


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