Be Prepared

Jackson Energy Authority continuously monitors changing weather conditions for possible threats of bad weather. The possibility of severe weather events can often be forecast hours in advance, giving valuable time to set an emergency plan in motion. While Jackson Energy Authority follows an emergency plan, it’s a good idea for customers to have an emergency plan established to be better prepared for severe weather.

Establish an Emergency Plan

When you create your emergency plan, there are a few things you need to take into consideration:

Once you have determined your emergency plan and communicated it to every family member, make sure to practice emergency drills. Safeguard any important documents and be sure to have the property insured.

Create an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Threatening weather and catastrophic storms can happen at any time day or night. Not only is it important to have an emergency plan in place for natural disasters but also a well-prepared emergency kit. So while the weather is mild, it’s good to take a few steps ahead of time to be prepared in case potential severe weather causes outages for an extended period of time. Before severe weather strikes consider these helpful tips to create your emergency preparedness kit:

Make sure your emergency kit contains the basic necessities, then consider the unique needs of your family and pets to include as well. Learn more about emergency preparedness kits.


Plan Ahead for Disasters