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Staying Safe Outside

Water & Wastewater

Most often taken for granted, the Jackson Energy Authority water and wastewater system represents essential infrastructure for sustaining the economic and social vitality of our community. Following the safety tips below is crucial in the protection and resilience of the water and wastewater systems.

Cross Connection Control & Backflow Prevention Cross Connection Control & Backflow Prevention

Once JEA’s safe, high quality water reaches your home, cross connections and backflow could be a source of contamination to the public water system.

Lead & Copper Lead & Copper

The most common sources of lead in drinking water are materials and components associated with service lines and home plumbing.

Sanitary Sewer vs. Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer vs. Storm Sewer

Not all drains are the same. Understanding the difference and respecting their separate purposes can help prevent environmental pollution

Safe Practices Safe Practices

Drinking water delivered by Jackson Energy Authority is clean and safe. Maintaining that safe drinking water requires effort from our customer and community.

Hazardous Materials Hazardous Materials

Wastewater belongs in the sanitary sewer - hazardous materials do not. These should be disposed of properly to help protect the wastewater system and the environment.

Water Leak Checks Water Leak Checks

Significant sources of water waste for many homes are drips and leaks from pipes, fittings and plumbing fixtures - estimated to waste over 10 percent of household water.

Meter Obstructions & Tampering Meter Obstructions & Tampering

The utility meters on your property are vital to measuring your energy use. Keeping them free of obstructions and intentional interference allows for accurate readings.

Crews & Worksites Crews & Worksites

According to the Tennessee Department of Safety, roadway crashes are the leading cause of occupational fatalities. Heed the safe zone and move over when approaching utility crews.