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Staying Safe Outside


Although the most commonly known electrical hazards occur indoors, Jackson Energy Authority wants to ensure that customers also think outside the home when it comes to electrical safety. Follow these tips to help prevent outdoor electrical hazards.

Downed Lines Downed Lines

Downed power lines and equipment pose a significant danger to restoration efforts as well as the public. Be aware of the hazards to stay safe.

Vehicle Accidents Vehicle Accidents

Quite often, vehicle accidents occur that involve utility poles and electric lines. Always remember to take caution and heed the safety rules.

Overhead Powerlines Overhead Powerlines

Overhead power lines can be seen all throughout our community as they are a vital part of our electric transmission and distribution system. Always be aware of what’s overhead.

Portable Generators Portable Generators

During emergencies or natural disasters, safety for crews and customers is our highest concern. Portable generators, if used improperly, can cause hazardous conditions.

Meter Obstructions & Tampering Meter Obstructions & Tampering

The utility meters on your property are vital to measuring your energy use. Keeping them free of obstructions and intentional interference allows for accurate readings.

Crews & Worksites Crews & Worksites

According to the Tennessee Department of Safety, roadway crashes are the leading cause of occupational fatalities. Heed the safe zone and move over when approaching utility crews.