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Staying Safe Inside

Water & Wastewater

The water and wastewater systems work like arteries and veins in the body, carrying fluids to or away from important sources. Just as those arteries and veins need to be kept clean so do our water and wastewater systems. Browse the topics below for ways to help keep our water and wastewater system clean and free from debris.

Safe Practices Safe Practices

Drinking water delivered by Jackson Energy Authority is clean and safe. Maintaining that safe drinking water requires effort from our customer and community.

Clear the F.O.G. Clear the F.O.G.

Fats, Oils and Grease from cooking and food scraps can collect in the wastewater lines and form large clogs, referred to as fatbergs, that can cause costly, damaging issues.

Unused, Expired Medication Unused, Expired Medication

Flushing unused prescription and over-the-counter medication is not the right method of disposal for many reasons. Here’s what you should know.

Preventing Backups Preventing Backups

Wastewater backups can be unpleasant, costly and cause potential health risks. Using your toilet as a trash can is most often the culprit. Clean pipes = no gripes.

Water Quality Water Quality

Jackson Energy Authority’s dedication to providing our customers with safe, award-winning, high-quality drinking water has been proven time and time again.

Cross Connection Control & Backflow Prevention Cross Connection Control & Backflow Prevention

Once JEA’s safe, high-quality water reaches your home, cross connections and backflow could be a source of contamination to the public water system.

Lead & Copper Lead & Copper

The most common sources of lead in drinking water are materials and components associated with service lines and home plumbing.

Emergency Disinfection Emergency Disinfection

When regular water service is unavailable due to emergency situations, it may be necessary to boil water until water service is restored.

Prevent Frozen Pipes Prevent Frozen Pipes

During the cold months, pipes can freeze and pose an invisible threat. If they freeze and break, water damage can be significant and costly.

Water Leak Checks Water Leak Checks

Significant sources of water waste for many homes are drips and leaks from pipes, fittings and plumbing fixtures - estimated to waste over 10 percent of household water.

Is That Pink Mold? Is That Pink Mold?

Ever notice the pink slimy residue that build up in your toilet bowl, on your shower floor or shower curtain? It’s not a water quality issue and it’s not mold.