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Staying Safe Inside


Natural gas is the safe, efficient fuel source used by millions of Americans across the country for multiple uses inside. While relatively safe, it’s good practice to remember and abide by the safety tips below to maximize the many benefits of using natural gas inside.

Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide

With its odorless, colorless, tasteless and non-irritating properties, Carbon Monoxide can be dangerous. Know the signs of CO poisoning to prevent harm.

Proper Flame Proper Flame

You can keep your gas appliances operating properly just by paying attention to the color and behavior of the flame.

Gas Safety Tips Gas Safety Tips

Natural gas is a clean, efficient and widely-used fuel for many applications. You can count on many years of safe, efficient use by practicing safe usage guidelines.

Gas Appliance Safety Gas Appliance Safety

Natural gas appliances provide many benefits and conveniences to our everyday lives. Get tips on how to safely and efficiently use gas appliances.