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Welcome to the Jackson Energy Authority Learning Center! Articles, videos and pdf documents about our electric, gas, propane, water, and wastewater services are right at your fingertips. Browse topics by using the filters below or search by keyword. See a topic that interests you? Simply select it to learn more.

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Online & Mobile

Paying your utility bill online or via your mobile device is a convenient, time-saving method.

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Outdoor Security Lighting

Illuminate your parking lot while providing security with the help of durable LED security or floodlights.

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Paperless Billing

Save paper and the environment when you eliminate your paper bill and go paperless.

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How to Read Your Bill

The typical utility bill is full of important messages and helpful information for managing your utility usage.

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Restoration Process

Restoring power following system-wide damage is a methodical, complex process.

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Non-Emergency Problems

Learn more about basic household utility and broadband problems that may not need immediate attention.

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Customer Centers

Payments can be made at two customer center locations via a friendly cashier, the drive-thru or a self-service kiosk.

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Crews & Worksites

According to the Tennessee Department of Safety, roadway crashes are the leading cause of occupational fatalities. Heed the safe zone and move over when approaching utility crews.

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Energy Conservation

Get expert advice and incentives to help you boost the bottom line of your business or industry, regardless of whether you are looking to minimize your carbon footprint, remain competitive or adopt smart technologies.

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Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared in the event of a utility emergency or disaster? Having an emergency kit in your home is good practice in case an unexpected, disruptive event happens.

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Solar Power

Jackson Energy Authority supports sustainability by using the power of the sun to generate renewable energy and market renewable energy credits to corprations and industries.

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Understanding Energy Use

Energy efficiency is an important factor to help drive down operation costs. By understanding how your business consumes energy, you can better manage your energy use.

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Jackson Energy Authority customers enjoy some of the lowest rates in the country. View residential and commercial rates for electricity, natural gas, propane, water, wastewater, cable TV, internet and telephone services.

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From billing inquiries to electric outages to payments, stay informed with the JEA mobile phone app currently available for iPhone and Android phones.

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Green Power

Make a lasting impact on the environment by supporting clean, renewable energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Efficiency & Conservation

Help protect the environment while saving money on your water and wastewater utility bill. Here are a few tips to use water efficiently.

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Call Before You Dig

Underground utility and telecommunications service lines are buried underground throughout our community. Always call 811 before you dig to prevent unnecessary, damaging dig-ins.

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Utility Contractor Requirements

Contractors must have all applicable and current MU licensing.

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Business Start Services

Starting services with Jackson Energy Authority for your business is a simple process but could require documents, fees or deposits.

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Energy Check

Monitor your energy consumption to help reduce energy waste and better manage your energy costs.

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How Electricity Gets to Our Homes

To keep our communities powered 24/7, electricity must be generated via power plants and distributed via electric utilities.