How to Order?Digital Cable

Which speed is right for me?

It’s amazing what we can do on the Internet today. At home, we keep in touch more than ever with webcams and email. We play online games, download music and videos, and need service that won’t slow down or kick us offline. With EPlus Broadband, you get plenty of speed for everything the Internet has to offer.

Speed Recommendations for Home

Use this chart to determine a range of speeds that fit your activities. Be sure to consider your frequency of Internet use. This is simply a guide and is not limited to the Internet activities listed.





Email check    
Surf/Search the Web check    
Buy A Product check    
E-Banking check    
Blogging check    
Chat Rooms check    
Instant Messaging check    
Activities Above From Multiple Computers check  
Remote Access To Other Computers   check  
Social Networking   check  
Podcasting   check  
Activities Above From Multiple Computers   check
File Sharing     check
Webcams     check
Video Conferencing     check
Watch Movies/Video     check
Download Movies/Video     check
Download Music Files     check
Listen To Music Online     check
Take A Class Online     check
Play Online Games     check

*To be used as a guide only. Your actual internet usage may need to be faster or slower based on the duration or frequency you participate in the activities listed above.

Speed Recommendations for Business

For more information about Internet speeds for your business, contact:
Chesley Dennison at 731.422.7534 or email